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Blake Olson is The CEO of the Fastest Growing Prop Firm

Smart Prop Trader is the Fastest Growing Prop Firm

Smart Prop Trader has propelled itself as one of the fastest-growing prop firms. 

One of the main reasons is the low entry prices, spreads, and best commission payouts in the prop firm industry. 

Another critical factor is that Blake Olson is the CEO of Smart Prop Trader. 

Trading with Prop Firms like FTMO

FTMO is one of the most established prop firms in the industry and that is where Blake started paving his legacy. 

After passing several FTMO challenges and making sums in the 7 figures, Blake teamed up with the Funded Trader.

All of these different milestones finally led Blake to start Smart Prop Trader.

FTMO and Funded Trader are both significant and leading prop firms, but Blake set out to separate his new venture from all the others. 

Blake Olson is The CEO of the Fastest Growing Prop Firm

Not only is Blake a profitable trader, but he is also a successful YouTuber.

On his YouTube channel, Trade Connect VVS, Blake interviews other traders and discusses his trading strategies. 

Blake has had a penchant for educating traders which led to him creating VVS Academy. All of his ventures have been geared toward helping traders. 

His newest venture, Smart Prop Trader is no different. Smart Prop Trader has the lowest prop firm prices in the industry!

Simple Pricing Strategy

In order to compete and set ourselves apart, Smart Prop Trader has gone from $180 to $75 for our $10,000 challenge.

No other prop firm has prices this low and that is why traders are flocking to our challenges. 

The $25,000 challenge was $250 and is now $175. The $50,000 challenge went from $350 to $275.

Also, the $100,000 challenge went from $550 to $475. Lastly, the $200,000 challenge has gone from $1,050 to $875. 

Drawdowns and Profit Targets

Another important change is the max drawdown is now 7.5% instead of 10%.

Plus, our new daily drawdown is now 4% instead of 5%. Additionally, the phase one profit target is 7.5% instead of 10%.

The new phase one max days is now 50 days instead of 40 days. Lastly, our new phase 2 max days is 100 days instead of 80 days. 

Try a Smart Prop Trader Challenge

Choose the Smart Prop Trader Account size that perfectly suits your trading style and needs.

Smart Prop Trader Accounts have no restrictions on holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic news releases.

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