How much capital will I work with?

Smart Prop Trader Traders will have the same virtual account balance size as chosen for their preceding Smart Prop Trader Challenge and Verification. To avoid any confusion, after a client becomes a SPT Trader, he/she will be provided with a live virtual account. The Smart Prop Trader Virtual Account is connected to our Firm’s live trading account with real capital. That is where we generate real cash flow. Clients are entitled to up to 80% of profits generated on the Smart Prop Trader Virtual Account. This solution is administratively much easier and gives our company the freedom to actively manage risk in certain markets. We do not have upgrading options so you need to choose the appropriate account size right at the beginning when you are configuring your Smart Prop Trader Challenge. If you are successful and stable in the long run, the account balance can be increased according to our Scaling Plan. The Scale-up can only be accommodated during the Virtual Profit Split processing. We allow up to $400,000 in funded capital per trader.