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At Smart Prop Trader, we’re yet to introduce futures trading, but we are looking forward to being a Futures Funding Prop Firm. Trading instruments we currently offer are Forex, Commodities, Global Indices, and Cryptocurrencies. But prop trading futures is on our to-do list! Smart Prop Trader is the most reputable prop firm with the lowest profit targets, highest scalable maximum drawdown, and the cheapest prop fund prices in the industry!

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Smart Prop Trader is offering an exclusive promotion for aspiring and experienced traders. For a limited time, from April 1st 2024 to April 30th 2024, we have two offers for you with an 85% profit split:

  • Purchase our 10K to 25K accounts at 15% discount, Use CODE: SPTSTART
  • Purchase our 50K to 100K accounts at 13% discount, Use CODE: SPTSTART1

Make the Smart Choice with us today!

Why Should You Choose Us

Lowest Prices

Within the prop firm funded trader realm, we offer the lowest price on the 10K challenge account for only $97

Highest Maximum Drawdown

You can scale your maximum drawdown by 2% every three months by attaining a 2% profit target.

Lowest Profit Target

Our Phase 1 Profit Target is 7% and Phase 2 profit target is 5%. To become a funded trader you need to pass both these Phases.

Scale up to $2.5 Million

Buy two $100,000 challenge accounts from Smart Prop Trader for a maximum funding of $2.5 Million. For profitable and consistent traders, we even increase the balance of your accounts by 25% every three months as per our scaling plan. 

We already have several trading instruments built for retail traders, but we will be a futures funding prop firm soon too! We’re always looking to shift the dynamic in the trading universe from financial institutions to retail traders. Making the access to prop trading futures, and other trading instruments to retail traders who wishes to manage a big portfolio extremely easy!

So why the wait? Make the smart choice and become a funded trader today; contact our support team at Smart Prop Trade via our 24/7 discord support: https://discord.gg/spt 

Register on our website to: buy your challenge account, track your account growth, participate in free monthly trading competitions, and join our online community by engaging in tasks for giveaways at www.smartproptrader.com now!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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