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Forex trading is expensive when you trade directly with a brokerage. You stand to lose all your personal savings with horrible risk management. At Smart Prop Trader we fund your trading goals and ambitions with minimal capital risk to you! 

We live to serve seasoned traders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who can now trade a big portfolio up to $200,000 for only $997. At Smart Prop Trader, we have devised many ways to reduce capital risk for retail traders while they focus on generating profit only. One major innovation is using the best-funded account forex that may take your trading career to new heights of success. We at Smart Prop Trader offer you a chance to be a fully funded trader and a low-cost path in your trading career. As the best instant funding prop firm forex, we have simplified forex trading! Smart prop Trader has been chosen as an alternative to a forex hedge funds list as it compels traders to risk lesser of their own capital as a protective measure against the volatility in the forex market.

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Smart Prop Trader is offering an exclusive promotion for aspiring and experienced traders. For a limited time, from March 1st to March 31st 2024, we have three offers for you with an 85% profit split and a 125% refund on passing the verification phase:

  • Purchase our 10K to 25K accounts at 33% discount, Use CODE: MARCH33
  • Purchase our 50K to 100K accounts at 22% discount, Use CODE: MARCH22
  • Purchase our 200K accounts at 11% discount, Use CODE: MARCH11

Make the Smart Choice with us today!

Scaling as a Trader at Smart Prop Trader

  • We keep our challenges as simple as possible, making it easier for traders to focus on their trades. Our 2-phase evaluation process features profit targets of 7% and 5% for Phase 1 and 2, respectively, along with a daily drawdown of 4% and max drawdown of 8% scalable up to 28% with a 2% increase every 3 months if the account is 2% or more in profits.
  • With us, traders need only to place a single trade every 30 days for us to reserve capital for you. If you wish to step away from trading for a while you can inform us before the 30 day window is up.
  • We work to form long-term relationships with traders; therefore, we scale their accounts by 25% every three months if they are profitable and consistent with their trades. With us, your account is scalable up to $2.5 million.

So why the wait? Make the smart choice and become a funded trader today; contact our support team at Smart Prop Trade via our 24/7 discord support:

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