How do I withdraw my profits?

The Virtual Profit Split on the Smart Prop Trader Account is done on a monthly basis by default, with the option to place a payout on-demand after a period of 12 calendar days from the first placed trade on the account. The Virtual Profit Split Day can be changed up to 3 times for each withdrawal, anytime between 12 days and 60 days from the start of trading. The payouts are processed within 1-2 business days upon confirming the invoice. You can receive your profits by creating an account on Wise. Whatever amount of profit you generate, that’s what we split by 85/15. Also please note that if you breach your funded account and there is still profit remaining, that profit is no longer payable as the account is breached and shut down. You must have a minimum profit of $100 to request a payout!

Upon successfully receiving $10,000 in payouts or more, Smart Prop Trader request that all traders  conduct an interview on our Youtube channel.